My Top 7 Gifts for Anxiety Sufferers

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Christmas can be a very stressful time of very, especially for those who suffer from anxiety.

A lot of people put a lot of stress on themselves to find their family and friends the perfect present that is both wanted and needed. It can be particularly difficult if you are searching for a gift to help someone with their anxiety.

So, here are my Top 7 Gifts for Anxiety Sufferers:

The Anxiety Barometer Cards: Created to give users a new relationship with their anxiety and  to solve in-the-moment anxiety issues. It's like having an anxiety expert in you pocket :) The cards use feelings and actions to help you set a course for more calm and peace in day to day life.

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The Freedom From Anxiety Kickstarter:
Just one of the many programs available on the Natural Anxiety Specialist website, the Kickstarter was designed to give you a start in your Anxiety Recovery journey. It teaches you how to begin learning and implementing life changing anxiety techniques that work, to finding effective techniques that will lower your anxiety levels.

Show me the Anxiety Kickstarter!

The Anxiety Freedom Membership:
The Anxiety Freedom Membership Program is another awesome program from the Natural Anxiety Specialist. Every month in this program there is a new topic such as 'The Inner Critic', 'Health Anxiety' and 'Perfectionism'. Each month has its own workbook, three training videos, an anxiety training session and two anxiety lounge sessions. You can choose to purchase a monthly membership or you can just purchase individual months that you think will best work for your anxiety.

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Find Your Calm Program:
This program shows you three easy-to-learn techniques that can be mastered in 5 minutes and they are immediately effective. Some of the things you will learn in this program are; how to breathe to reduce anxiety, how to hug yourself calm, how to use the art of tapping to make your anxiety levels plummet and more!

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A Consultation Session with Sam: If you're not sure where your friend or family could start, you could book them an Introductory Consultation with Sam

Book an Introductory Call with Sam!

Gift Cards:
A gift card is always a great gift, it gives the giftee the ability to make the final purchase choice on their own. With the  Natural Anxiety Specialist, you can purchase a gift of any of our sessions. Just email us directly and we will send you an e-gift card for you to send directly to your chosen person.  

Noise Cancelling Earphones: Noise cancelling earphones are also another great option. Lots of noise can cause a lot of stress for anxiety sufferers, but with these earphones its as simple as throwing them in your ears, choosing something to listen to (whether it be music, a podcast or sounds of nature) and all other sound is completely dulled out. There's a lot of lists on the web that will show you the highest rated earphones, so that you can find the best ones for your lifestyle!

I hope that this list gives you some ideas about what to get for your loved ones this year. 💙

Love Sam x


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